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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Peaking behind the curtain.

Wow... Was just watching TV and heard Obama start talking about the steps to create a world economy that started under BushI (really kicked into gear with Regan) and how both democratic and republican congresses moved towards this.
I began to smile at his honesty in confronting this issue.
Then he said that this step was a great step in balancing the budget and creating jobs and "protecting the middle class".
This prompted be to yell "WHAT!? at the TV and flick my eggs at it.

Common Obama. I can at least say bush was too stupid to truly understand what he was reading. But you are intelligent. You know this is a blatant lie. It is not hard for any of those students to understand that that bipartisan globalization have widened the wealth gap and killed jobs.

But he blew past this and proceeded with the rest of the speech and outlining the budget as if each college student was as transparently democratic or republican as the congressmen that he deals with.

Most Americans, both democrats and republicans alike think that we should have a strong military and defense"
Sorry. Bullshit. The republican and democrat's definition of "Strong military and "Defense"" is what most of those independent students see as offensive and unnecessary spending to police the whole world.

"Because all of this spending is popular by republicans alike"
Just because the majority of the budget is supported by democratic and republican congressmen does NOT mean that they are popular by normal people.

The rest of the speech is a mix of hints of hope and truth, with a subtext inbetween the lines to show that nothing is going to change.

We do not need a president intelligent enough to spin and direct the debate already going on in DC. We need a president intelligent enough to know that the debate in DC is a short sighted distraction. and who will talk directly to the people and take his ideas from them and what they really need.

And we need jobs, we need tarrifs, we need transparency, we need protection of the 4th amendment in regards to free speech on the internet, and we need to break the stranglehold that corporate america has in US politics via legalized corruption.

In short, we need someone who walks the walk. Those who talk the talk are just a distraction.

Close Guantamano, tell us the real US unemployment rate, and talk to intelligent people instead of politicians. THEN, I will believe your serious.

To those of you who dont already knwo, just because I disagree with Obama, does NOT mean im a republican, I hate both sides of the two party duopoly.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What It was, and what it will be.

So I transfered all my FB posts over, and ive noticed that allot of them all seem to be a little too emo. A little too personal. A little too vague. A little too unprofessional.

That will not continue.
I might want to document some personal things later for posterity. You never know, I might actually one day have a wife who cares what sort of past I had. I might cultivate some long dormant ampitious streak and become president of the united states, and someone will want to write my biography.
..... Ya. Likely not. But if I do, I will do it in a separate blog or something. Someplace thinking human beings wont accentually stumble upon.

But for now. im going to only blog about things I actually think about. And that is not generally myself. (not that I can claim genuine humility)

Here are some fairly unique things you may find here:

1: Me trying to cultivate the idea of a moral and modern version of Satanism. A culture which advocates truth and sympathy for the anti hero should be able to understand that the bible isnt exactly unbiased against the first rebel against tyrany in history.
Yes. I am talking about Lucifer.  (I made that freshmen year. Go easy on it)

2: Me trying to argue for the rise of a 3ed party canadate in politics

3: Me trying to argue that a direct Athenian democracy via modern technology or a merit based monarchy would be preferable to the corruption we have in out current republic.

4: Showing how how it would be better if every man naped inthe middle of the day, shaved with a straight razor, and took cold showers.

5: Suggesting books or podcasts. (warning. I will praise [url=]Dan Carlin[/url] allot.

6: Arguing that we bring back tariffs to balance the budget, bring back american jobs, and keep us out of unnecessary wars.

7: Arguing for the concept of modern masculism in gender equality, and that our culture does not value male energy in politics, culture, or relationships. (compare Peter Griffin to Lois, Marge to Homer, Raymond to Debra, and the popularity of Fight Club is easy to understand.)

8: Argue that a new culture needs to focus more on history and philosophy, and less on math and science (at least in broad general education. We will always excel with out specialists.)
Oh. And against standardization.

9: Anything else that would be hard to talk about but that needs to be talked about because we dont.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Nap stops indecision.

I can be indecisive when the decision doesnt matter.

I already know I want to go to the gym today, and head to the Cafe to send out applications. But which should I do first? Would it be more gas eficiant to do one first then the other? Should I eat right after the gym? will I bee just a little too full after lunch?

minor details that go on and on and dont really matter. And so I dont make a decision and end up waundering around aimlessly for acouple hours.

So I said. "fuck it. Im going to take a nap" crawled under the covers at 2:50, woke up at 3:10 and was at the cafe having just sent off my first resume at 3:25

Napping. Im gonna start living by it.

Liberal vs Conservative Women

 My mom tied to rant to my dad to me and bring him down and bring me into her divorce crap. This always pisses me off.
So when she later casually emailed me that all liberal woman were ulgy and republicans were prettier, I didnt pull any punches with my response.
"Actually, I found the reverse to be true.
Not only in the aesthetic sense, but as far as personalities go too. Liberal woman are just more in touch with their feminine side, and generally more empathetic towards others. Where as conservative woman seem to see that side of themselves as weakness. I dated a couple. And they always struck me as falsely forceful and insecure. Always trying to show me how strong they were, is if my male presence was somehow a threat.

And besides, When it comes to the physical realm, the left leaning are more, shall we say, Progressive. Open minded.
And the conservative more.... well... conservative.

So ya. The chances of me being with someone more red then myself, are low."

Its true and kinda strange when you think about it. I mean, even though  wearing a dress and getting in touch with your feminimity is historically more concervative for a female, You can pretty much never find a republican wearing a skirt. Only would she wear a dress for a formal occation and if it was expected of her.... and even then not seem comfortable in it.
I could be wrong. I mainly said the above to goad mother dearest, as her attitudes seem to be a little to extreemist and maddening sometimes.
And I would also like to restate that I am NOT a democrat or a republican. I believe both parties are a cancer on american politics that differ from eachother not verry much when it comes to the issues that actually matter.
Im just making a limited and likely uninformed observation on people in general.

But an interesting thing to think about. Weather personality X makes person A lean left or right.

Myself, my personality has me lean neither left nor right, but rather digging a hole in the ground in hopes of falling into a pool of ecotoplasmic goop that will shift me into the 18th dimension of Sudrrok, where I can do some real damage.

But I digress.
What about You? Have you noticed that men have certan personality tendicies depending on weather they lean left or right? What other steryotypes can be tied to politics?
(I just realized what a terrible little thread this is. Luckally I dont have many FB friends, or it might actually get some attention and have people tearing at eachothers throats)

Emerging economy shows continued trend to widen the wealth gap. The culprit: Teachers?

"And a recent Wall Street Journal analysis found that even though productivity rose 5.2 percent from mid 2009 to the end of 2010, wages increased by just 0.3 percent. That means only 6 percent of productivity gains were shared with workers. In past recoveries, that figure has averaged 58 percent. This time around, far more of the gains went to shareholders, in the form of profits, which are at record levels.
There are no easy answers for how to fix the problem. Some argue that workers need more clout in their relationship with employers, something that would require a renaissance of private-sector labor unions, which have been on the decline for the last half-century. But that prospect looks unlikely: Indeed efforts are underway in several states to make public-sector unions as weak as their private-sector counterparts."

So fat cats on wall street (ya. thats right, I said it), are hoarding more then ever from the economy, and further shaping it into the degrelauated abomination that caused the recession in the first place, destroying the middle class, and hapering long term sustainability in favor of an adeaology that short term greed should be the american virtue.
And yet, since the protests in Winsconscon, Fox News, The tea party, and MSMBC have half of the american population convinced that Wall Street and corporations are victums of too much goverment intervention, while teachers are making too much money and THEY are the ones who are being too selfish in making concessions.

Two weeks ago, that national discource on teachers was that, the unions protect bad teachers too much, but teachers should be payed more. That the really smart people of the country are disuaded from becoming a teacher because of the small paycheck and deflated prestige. Espically in comparison with other countries.
Yet only in america, we make the same arguement, not for out teachers, but for out billionars. "But we need to allow daddy warbucks to give himself a 54.3 million dollar bonus. If the government gets involved, they might take their jobs somewhere else!"
Of corse forgetring that it was the alliance between Wallstreet, Regan republicans, and Clinton democrates that allowed them to outsource the american economy anyways.
The government slashing the salary of a teacher, that s fine. BUt goodness gracious, keep the government out of the buisness of Wallstreet bankers. Look at the valuable services THEY provide!

I love Ron Paul. I really do. His honesty and his stance on foreign policy has convinced me that he is one of the few honest people in Washington.
BUT, the libertatian philosophy that letting the rich do whatever the fuck they want without union or government intervention will somehow fix everytihng, is a philosophy that has been proven to be verry dangerious in the past 5 years.

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Last year I had to go to the ER because my pet allergies had my throat closing up... We had a pet rat.
I used to function fine around the families Portuguese water dog. (the equivalent of a poodle allergy wise). Yet going to my mom's place, even that was too much for me, had to hi-tail it out of there and spend half an hour outside getting my breath back.

Some people grow out of their allergies. Mine are getting worse.

Allergies suck. Big time. Ended drifting away form all my childhood friends because of pets.

My brother has Diabetes. And with proper health care and self discipline, you can live life just as you normally would.
But if you have really bad pet allergies, You can no longer spend more then an hour in half of the houses in Colorado. No real way to manage it.
Luckily im mostly a social recluse anyways.

Oh and on another note. ill be going to Egypt and Jordan tomorrow. So that kicks ass. :D

Modern Masculist movement.

The top 3 feminism pages on facebook have a combined 37,836 likes. That is almost 40,000.
The top 3 Masculism pages on facebook have a combined 320 likes.
That is .008% of the feminist interest and activity. At the least.
I cant even think of a proper analogy for this disparity.

And when I read and “liked” the articIe that I am about to link, wanna know how many people bothered to click on that little like button? One. Me. That was all.

To me, this sort of disparity is simply unacceptable.

I had been talking to my father and professors about the denigration of masculinity in modern US culture and education. About how the retention rates for males in high-school and college is abhorrently high compared to a few decades ago.How in our search for standardization and quantification, we have created a world where women have a higher probability for success. Not of becoming the US president perhaps, but in the areas of US society that matter most.If they are economic inequalities, then this needs to be corrected. But there more fundamental cultural inequalities which are only widening the gap year by year.

I could go on, about what this means, or how I think it came about, but I have decided that there will be plenty of time for that later.Because I have decided that I am going to create a facebook page called “Modern Masculist movement.Because there really isnt one. All those pages already up there on the Internet that identify as “masculist” is an overly defensive reaction to the more extreme image of the ball crushing feminist. That is not what this would be about. That is not how to bring about the value and respect for the male side of things. There are male aspects of chivalry, nobility, dignity, innovation, honor motivated ambition, and boldness which are needed more and more in the modern world. And yet they are valued less and less.

And I regret to say, that every man who tires to address this problem, lets his bitterness show through and becomes just another person who bashes feminism without understanding what it is meant to be about. (regardless of those who would misuse it.)

More moderate and cautious males fear being misunderstood. Males who do not have this worry, go about it the wrong way.So, strange enough, this creates a scenario where I have only ever seen a woman properly express the ideas of masculism.

I hope to change that in whatever little way I can. But I am behind on school work, and finals are coming up. So for a good while, I shall have to leave you with this.

PS: Another woman who “gets it”. Though this one is kinda old and in a previous note.